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My Dish started in 2006 when Tim and Shelley O'Donohue recognised their communities need for quality and convenient home delivered meals, which customers could take pride in serving to their family or friends.

My Dish create home delivered meals that are delicious and healthy, made with our own stocks, bases and the freshest locally sourced ingredients. We have honed these recipes over the last ten years to ensure we do not sacrifice quality or flavour in the process of providing convenient home delivered meals. All meals are snap frozen after cooking which retains the fresh natural flavours for longer periods of time.


​ Our same or next business day delivery policy is popular among our current customers, who enjoy the freedom of purchasing when they want and where they want, using our extensive courier network.  


So you’ve had your meals delivered to your home, what now? My Dish meals require minimal effort when reheating, 2-3 minutes in the microwave from thawed or 5-6 minutes from frozen, these of course are rough guidelines, product specific heating instructions can be found on each meal. My Dish meals allow you to create or further enhance your own meals. Many of our existing customers enjoy purchasing our products and providing the sides themselves. For instance, those who buy our curries, serve them with rice, salad and/or papadums.

My Dish prides itself on is food safety. Rest assured the meals that are delivered to your home comply with Australian Food Safety Standards and a rigorous HACCP program. It is also important to note, that if our meals identify as gluten free, they have been tested. This being said if you are worried or have any questions regarding our gluten free meals, we would be more than happy to assist you.

Our customers love our home delivered meals and you will too, whether it’s being used for lunches at work or university, dinner for the family, or to enhance an existing meal plan. You can take pride in My Dish home delivered meals because we take pride in their creation, delivery and every process in between.

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