Vegetable Lasagna - Serves 3

Packet size: 800g | Serves 3


We have combined several of your favourite roasted vegetables along with My Dish freshly made Pesto, layered them between freshly made egg pasta sheets and then finished  with a creamy bechamel sauce.

Vegetable Lasagna - Serves 3

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  • Milk (26%), Napoletana Sauce (13%), Spinach (13%), Egg Pasta Sheets (8%)(flour(durum semolina), egg, salt, vegetable oil), Pumpkin (5%), Marinated Roasted Capsicum (5%)(capsicum, canola oil, herbs, vinegar, salt), Onion (5%), Carrot (5%), Mushroom (5%), Potato (5%), Celery (3%), Cheese (2%), Mozzarella (2%), Butter (2%), Plain Flour (2%), Garlic, Salt, Rosemary, Thyme, Pepper, Bayleaves, Nutmeg


    Contains Allergens: DAIRY, EGG, GLUTEN. It may also contain traces of nuts and seeds.


    Made in Australia with local and imported ingredients.

    PACKAGING: In foil (oven proof) container with plastic lid.
    STORAGE: At minus 18° or below (in home freezer is sufficient).
    SHELF LIFE: 6 months from date of packaging.