Minestrone Soup - Serves 2

Packet size: 550ml | Serves 2


There is nothing better than a piping hot bowl of soup to warm your soul. Our My Dish Minestrone Soup is a meal within itself. Packed full of goodness with seasonal vege’s, our secret My Dish stock, Italian style beans and other traditional ingredients make this soup a true classic. Try serving the Minestrone with hot crusty bread. This is bound to be house hold favourite.

Minestrone Soup - Serves 2

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  • Water (38%), Tomato Puree (14%)(tomato(99%),salt,foodacid330), Crushed tomato(11%)(tomato(65%),tomatojuice,salt,citricacid) & salt), Celery (8%), Potato (6%), Carrots (6%), Onions (3%), Green Beans (3%), Cannellini Beans (3%)(water, salt), Vegetable Pasta (3%), Red Wine (2%), Kidney Beans (2%), Vegetable Stock Powder(corn malodextrin, marine salt, refined white sugar, yeast extract, dehydrated vegetables (onion,spinach,cabbage,garlic,celery), natural vegetable flavours), Canola/Olive oil Blend, Salt, Garlic.


    Contains Allergens: GLUTEN. It may contain traces of nuts, seeds and eggs.


    Made in Australia with local and imported ingredients.

    PACKAGING: In freezer grade plastic container.
    STORAGE: At minus 18° or below (in home freezer is sufficient).
    SHELF LIFE: 12 months from date of packaging.


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