Couples Gluten Free Package

All our meals in this package  have been tested

to the limit of 3mg/kg  with NO gluten detected. 💖

Gluten Free Couples Package

5 Meals, 1 Soup Night and 1 Dessert

1 x African Chicken and 1 x Steamed Rice

Tender chicken thigh fillets, slow roasted in a blend of herbs and spices and then poached in coconut and lemon juice sauce..

1 x Lamb Shanks with Vegetable Sauce and 1 x Mash Potato

Perfect meal for any night of the week our Lamb Shanks are full of flavor. The rich and robust sauce is slow cooked with vegetables and seasoned with fresh rosemary, bay leaves, thyme and mixed herbs. Accompanied with Mash your meal is complete.

1 x Satay Chicken and 1 x Steamed Rice

One of our top 10 sellers the Free-Range Chicken is coated with a blend of Asian spices, sauteed and then added to a light creamy peanut sauce.  Serve with the steamed rice.

1 x Cottage Pie and 1 x Spring Vegetables

Lean Beef & Lamb mince sautéed with a blend of herbs and spices and topped with creamy mash potato. Add the Spring Vegetable for complete meal.

1 x Chilli Con Carne and 1 x Steamed Rice

Our Chilli Con Carne is made with Australian Mince and once you have heated it your kitchen will be filled with the tantalising aroma of this familiar Mexican-style dinner.  If you do not want to add the rice you could use the Chilli Con Carne to make Nachos.

2 x Chicken Noodle Soup (Made with Rice and Corn Noodles)

This is a traditional style recipe chock-full of flavour, along with plump chicken breast we utilise the freshest seasonal vegetable and herbs

1 x Apple Crumble

The apple Crumble is juicy and tart, topped with an Almond Flour Crumble

Couples Gluten Free Package

  • All our meals have been tested to the limit of 3mg/kg  and no gluten detected. 

    This products may contain or have traces of diary, nuts, seeds and eggs.

    Made in Australia with local and imported ingredients.

    PACKAGING: In freezer grade plastic container.
    STORAGE: At minus 18° or below (in home freezer is sufficient).
    SHELF LIFE: 6 months from date of packaging.